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Free Replica Digital Magazine

To help Sound On Sound readers around the world who could not get to their local newsagentbookstore/newsstand, during the 2020/21 pandemic we launched our free REPLICA Digital Magazine.

This has become highly popular and so we have decided to maintain access to this monthly page-turning edition for the foreseeable future.

  • Our REPLICA Digital Magazine page-turner works in your browser.
  • We don't know how long this Replica service will remain free, therefore Sound On Sound reserves the right to withdraw this service for non-paying registrants at any time and with minimal notice.

SOS June 2020 Digital Magazine page-turn screenshotHere you can see the page-turning REPLICA user interface in the browser. Functions include: Saved Bookmarks, Page-clippings, Page Zoom, Clickable Links and more... Sign up and TRY IT YOURSELF. It's FREE!

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  • This REPLICA digital magazine is also included with all paid-for DIGITAL SOS subscriptions bought directly from (not via 3rd-party resellers).
  • You also get access to our monthly iOS/Android Tablet & Mobile app edition.
  • Plus our monthly downloadable Full Issue PDF (in your My Account).
  • Plus we unlock all 5 months of locked Web articles — for a great value, low cost!
  • How To Access The DIGITAL Sub

If you have ever benefitted from an answer in the SOS Forum or from an editorial team member's advice over the years, please consider supporting Sound On Sound by buying a Digital subscription directly from us.