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Fraser T Smith | Producing ‘SET FIRE TO THE RAIN’ by Adele

Published December 2023

‘Set Fire To The Rain’ was Adele’s third consecutive US number one, confirming her status as a superstar.

In our exclusive video feature, producer Fraser T Smith tells us how he and Adele wrote the ultimate power ballad, breaks down his production and explains why a humble Yamaha upright piano was the best investment he ever made.


00:00 - Introduction
01:43 - 'Set Fire To The Rain' Audio Stems
02:20 - Writing Drums With Akai MPC 4000
04:10 - Influences For The Session
05:25 - Drums And Piano Loop
05:55 - Writing The Piano Line
08:37 - Lyrics & Songwriting Process
11:25 - Microphones & Studio Gear
13:00 - Album Produced By Rick Rubin
13:50 - Fraser's Piano Tuner
15:47 - Adele Comes Back To Finish The Demo
18:10 - Strings Arrangement
21:52 - Renting A Lexicon 224 Reverb
23:04 - Adele's Vocal Chain
24:29 - Using Delay
25:07 - Finalising The Mix
26:50 - The Piano Tuner Returns

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