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Audiomovers introduce New Year Collection

Six new remote collaboration bundles

Audiomovers New Year Collections LISTENTO OMNIBUS INJECT Binaural Renderer for Apple Music

Audiomovers were founded with the aim of offering a way for studio users to collaborate remotely without having to compromise on audio quality. Their debut product, LISTENTO, makes it possible to stream audio from a DAW in real time, allowing listeners to join sessions and hear tracks via a web browser. It supports up to 32-bit/96kHz file formats, and multichannel audio tracks up to 16 channels are also catered for, including immersive layouts up to 9.1.6. With the LISTENTO Receiver plug-in, it’s even possible to record someone remotely.

Since launching, the company have introduced a number of other products that offer some helpful routing and monitoring tools. OMNIBUS provides a virtual patchbay for macOS users, offering a simple way to route audio between different applications and hardware I/O as well as splitting or combining multiple inputs and outputs, whilst INJECT makes it possible to route audio between a DAW track and other applications or devices.

WEB TRANSMITTER then brings LISTENTO’s streaming functionality to a web browser. More recently, their Binaural Renderer for Apple Music has provided a long-awaited solution for those working outside of Logic Pro to audition how their immersive mixes will be affected by Apple Music’s binaural processing.

They have now announced the launch of the New Year Collection, a selection of six new bundles that provide various combinations of their software packages, each aimed at different production workflows and with a focus on immersive audio.

For The Pros

The Studio Suite - $3999.99 (Total value: $4979.94)

  • Six licenses of The Audiomovers Suite (see below)

The Audiomovers Suite - $649.99 (Total value: $829.99)

  • Three years of LISTENTO Pro
  • Binaural Renderer

The Immersive Suite - $329.99 (Total value: $429.99)

  • One year of LISTENTO pro
  • Binaural Renderer

The Essentials

LISTENTO + Renderer - $224.99 (Total value: $279.99)

  • LISTENTO Pro annual subscription
  • Binaural Renderer

Production Essentials - $199.99 (Total value: $249.99)

  • LISTENTO Pro annual subscription

Immersive Essentials - $184.99 (Total value $229.99)

  • Binaural Renderer

“After a successful 2023 where we delivered a portfolio of ground-breaking immersive production tools, we wanted to present packs designed around particular working scenarios: multi-room studios, mixing for Apple Music, monitoring, routing and sharing Dolby Atmos content, as well as recording and production workflows. We are focused on serving the needs of our loyal base, and continuing to innovate to supercharge audio professionals.” - Dominika Dronska, Ops Director, Audiomovers


All of the new bundles are available now via the Audiomovers website.

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