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Drum Stereo FX & DJ VCF from Erica Synths

New DSP engine & distinctive filter design

Erica Synths Drum Stereo FX DJ VCF Eurorack DSP effects and filter modules

Erica Synths have introduced another two modules to their extensive Eurorack collection, the Drum Stereo FX and Stereo DJ VCF. The former delivers a selection of delay and reverb effects that utilise the company’s latest DSP engine, and the latter offers some distinctive DJ-style filtering capabilities.

Drum Stereo FX

The first of the two modules adds a high-quality effects unit to Erica Synths’ Drum Series, using a new DSP engine to power three delay and three reverb effects that have been developed in a collaboration with 112dB. As its name suggests, the module operates in stereo, and it is capable of storing up to 10 presets.

Delay and Reverb modes can be selected using a toggle switch, and there are panel controls for Time, Feedback, Tone, Time CV and Dry/Wet parameters, along with an additional knob that can be used to save and recall presets. Delay times can be synchronised to an incoming clock signal, and the module offers a selection of time divisions and multiplications — it is also possible to set the tempo manually, with the Patch encoder doubling up as a tap tempo switch when the module is set to Delay mode. CV inputs are also provided for external control of the module’s delay time and feedback parameters, as well as preset selection.

Key Specs

  • Audio input level: -5V – +5V
  • Delay time: 3ms – 3 seconds
  • CV level (full span): -5 – +5V
  • Power consumption: +123mA / -40mA
  • Module width: 10HP
  • Module depth: 35mm

Stereo DJ VCF

Stereo DJ VCF has been designed to provide a functionality often found in DJ mixers where the filter is fully open with the Cutoff control at the 12‑o’clock position. Moving the control anti-clockwise introduces a low-pass filter, while clockwise from its central position engages a high-pass filter. A Resonance knob follows, which the company say is capable of producing unconventional timbre modulations that are hard to achieve with conventional state-variable filters. In addition to its stereo I/O, the module sports a pair of CV inputs for the Cutoff control, one of which features an attenuverter.

Key Specs

  • Audio level: 10V peak-to-peak
  • CV level: -10V – +10V
  • Filter slope: 24dB/octave
  • Power consumption: +109mA / -101mA
  • Module width: 8HP
  • Module depth: 35mm

Pricing & Availability

Both modules are available to order now. The Stereo DJ VCF is available immediately, and the Drum Stereo FX is expected to ship by 21 January 2024. Prices are as follows:

  • Drum Stereo FX: €270
  • Stereo DJ VCF: €180

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