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Vochlea update Dubler 2

Voice-to-MIDI tracking improvements

Vochlea Dubler 2.2.0 voice-to-MIDI software plug-in VST3 AU

Vochlea have announced the release of a major update to their innovative voice-to-MIDI software. Dubler 2.2.0 sees the application’s companion MIDI Capture plug-in gain some significant new features and offers improved pitch accuracy thanks to an updated capture algorithm.

The company say that the latest iteration of their MIDI Capture algorithm improves its pitch-detection capabilities and delivers cleaner MIDI data, speeding up the process by minimising the need to clean up unintended notes after recording. The plug-in will now remain armed unless manually disabled, making it possible for users to record multiple takes without needing to enable capture each time, with a new Clip History section housing the resulting files. Once clips have been captured, they can be dragged and dropped from the section onto a DAW’s MIDI track — tempo is automatically sync’ed to the host — and there’s a cleaning algorithm present to take care of unwanted ghost and transitional notes.

MIDI Capture now boasts automatic key detection, and will find the closest matching key based on the incoming signal and allow users to choose between the detected key or the original that has been set in the Dubler application. In addition to tracking pitches and chords, it is also now possible to capture triggers whilst recording.

SOS Review

We put Dubler 2 to the test in SOS November 2021, click here to check out the full review.


Dubler 2.2.1 is supported on PCs running Windows 10 or higher, and Macs running macOS 10.13 and above. The companion MIDI Capture plug-in is available in VST3 and AU plug-in formats. There is currently no AAX version, meaning that Pro Tools is not supported.

Pricing & Availability

Dubler 2.2.1 is available now, and is a free update for existing users. The plug-in can be purchased for $219£189 including VAT, or as a bundle with Vochlea’s USB Dubler Microphone for $289£249 including VAT.

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